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Online Japanese Conversation Class

★Only 10 People Available★

Thanks to DOCOMO subsidy and contributions to our NGO, the first 10 students to arrive can take our Online Japanese Conversation Class for free (¥0) in October and November.

★What is Online Japanese Conversation Class?

You can learn Japanese at home via internet.  This class is aimed to master Japanese used in school or in daily life. You will brush up your speaking and listening Japanese for communication, not Japanese to write.  We also provide online seminar about education system in Japan. Online lesson gets you to feel safe without coronavirus.

Online Japanese Conversation Course is just for you if …

 your Japanese school is closed due to Coronavirus.

 there is no Japanese school in your neighborhood.

 you don’t understand what teachers or friends say.

☑ you cannot speak Japanese while you can write Kanji.

☑ you want to talk with friends in Japanese.

☑ you want to speak Japanese well and hope to go to high school.

< 内容 >


young people living in Nagoya city and its suburbs with roots in other countries between 12 and 18 years old


●Japanese conversation for daily life and school life
This course aims to improve speaking and listening skills, not writing skill.  

※Business Japanese is not included.
● Online seminar about education system in Japan (one time)
● Counseling on future education (one time)

<Date & Time> 

● Starting on October 13, 2020
 1st term:October~December(20 lessons in total)
      Students will be able to talk in simple Japanese.
 2nd term:January~March (20 lessons in total)
      Students aims to reach the level of JLPT N5/N4.
 Twice a week(Tue・Fri)16:30~18:00  40 min. × 2 lessons


Entrance Fee:\0
Lesson fee:
Oct. ~ Nov.   \0(in case you apply before 10/9, 13:00)
 \3000 per month from Dec.
※lesson fee, material fee and fee of system usage are included.


10people(first-come, first-served basis)
 application period: 9/14~10/9


●a computer or a tablet (a smart-phone is not recommended due to its small screen) ※If you don’t have any computers or tablets, we will lend you a tablet (\10,000- deposit is needed but it will be repaid when you return the tablet).

●internet network

●your mail address

< Application Procedure >

Application is possible only through HP.

①Fill in the application form and send it to Plus Educate (application should be done by a guardian).

②Plus Educate will contact you within three days.

*In case that you don’t receive any contact from us in three days, please send us e-mail (, or call us if you speak Japanese.  Your application form may not have reached us due to some internet troubles. 

Application Form for Online Japanese Conversation Class


Do you read hiragana?
Do you want to use our tablet (with \10000-deposit)?


Please contact us by e-mail if you don’t speak Japanese because our interpreter is not always available.

Persons in charge:  Kojima, Nakanishi

Mail address:

Tell:  0562-92-3822




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